The Gilded Age of Mattie Mae

Who Is Mattie Mae?

Who Is Mattie Mae?

The Adventures of Mattie Mae are set in the uproarious turn of the century Chicago, The Gilded Age where the glitter of gold shimmers on the edge of a life of baser matters. It’s a time of renewal where the new skyscraper rises from the ashes of the cataclysmic Chicago fire. Rapid social change rocks the stability of society with free slaves establishing businesses and women chasing the right to vote. The Temperance Movement assaults many a male bastion and the economy rocks and reels from one recession after another.

In the midst of all this Mattie Mae works to establish herself in a publishing business where the paternalistic owner of her small shop is challenged by the huge publishing giants on one side and the conniving authors who want to bleed him dry. It is here that Mattie stakes her claim, trying with every breath she takes to be worthy of the new chance she has been given. Her sordid past behind her, she is, however, never quite free of it as it haunts her every move.

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