Grab their attention and keep it.

Instructional Videos

Instruction by video is the new standard by which your program will be judged. No longer can you rely on old, tired PowerPoints. That is SO last century. Instead, embrace video to deliver your message on every platform whether desktop or mobile.

And avoid expensive scheduling delays on overly complicated productions. Focus instead on short, simple videos utilizing streamlined workflows that take weeks instead of months. In short, you now have no reason NOT to use video. Are you?

One page multi-media tutorials


Based on sound educational principals, each Mini-Module Tutorial begins with an engaging question and proceeds to demonstrate, explain and summarize the material for complete understanding. They also include “progress at your own speed” 2D & 3D comic/slide format that people WANT to use.

Add in engaging animation, step-by-step audio instruction for “eyes free” guidance and a check-list summary of each operation and you have an unbeatable educational cocktail.

Why aren't you using Mini-Modules?

USB Music Player With Playlists
Take your music with you on your USB drive using saved playlists with this portable player.
Encrpt Your Files with 7-Zip
Make sure you private information remains private by encripting your files with the free program.
Completely Uninstall Software
Ccleaner will fix and clean your computer and it costs you nothing.
ePhlets are also for Training
You can even use them with paper pamphlets.
Restore Golden Era Comics
Learn how to make the old look new again.
Firewall Security
You first line of defense against hackers.

Mini-module tutorials

Mini-Modules eCourse

Are You Safe Online?
(R U Safe Online.Com)

These 12 videos help you protect yourself online.

What would happen if your phone or laptop was lost or stolen, or your computer was suddenly locked down by ransomware sent from Russia?

You would probably lose all your irreplaceable photos, videos, music, etc., not to mention your sensitive financial records. More importantly, now someone else has all your personal information making your vulnerable to wholesale identity theft; big time!

The scary part is, it’s not a question of IF, but WHEN it happens.

So if you haven’t been hacked yet consider yourself lucky. But then, maybe you have and you just haven’t found out yet.

Pushing the digital publishing envelope

Paperbacks & Media

Simple Cyber Security
(Tiny Url.Com/zk66scd)

A unique experiment in marrying paper and digital publishing into one item, this paperback book not only has an extensive listing of various cyber-security concerns that the average person should be aware but there are also a number of actions presented that you can do immediatley if you are attacked online.

In addition to the textual information, I've included 18 online videos that quickly introduce people to the cyber-security threats they should defend themselves against. These videos are accessed by typing in a tiny URL on your tablet of desktop computer or by using a special smartphone app that reads the provided QR code.

In addition, there are two digital versions of the book that an be accessed from an URL included in the book; one online and the other a PDF.

I have tried to cover all the bases in presenting this important material in as many convenient versions as I can using some rather unorthodox methods. But then, that's how real innovation occurs.

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Are you creating any eBooks?

Kindle, Nook & PDF eBooks

In the past, publishing a book used to mean turning your ideas into a paper-bound book. But now you can turn those same ideas into a professional looking portable digital document that can be sent to anyone instantly over the Internet.

How To Make Your Daydreams Come True
Battle for Investment Survival
How To Spot The Tricks of Gamblers, Crooks, Grafters & Con Men