Keep prying eyes out of your business forever

Encrypt Your Private Information Using 7-Zip

Encrypt your files quickly using 7-Zip

Encrypting files is not just for super-Geeks or James Bond types. You can easily keep prying eyes out of your personal business by encrypting your folders/files using a simple and free compression program.

But going to all this trouble to encrypt your files is defeated if you give your password away to any would-be snoopers. NEVER email the password of this encrypted Zip file. If you absolutely HAVE to share your password, the best way to safe-guard your secrecy is to actually call them or make physical contact with the person.

Oh, and don’t forget your password.

And just in case you never used a compression program, 7-Zip can make your collection of files/folders smaller for easy storage online or attaching to an email.

  1. Download and install 7-Zip
  2. Select the file/folder you wish to encrypt
  3. Right-Click selecting 7-Zip from the drop-down menu and then Add to archive… in the Add to Archive window
  4. Change the Name of the archive to whatever you want
  5. Change the Archive format to Zip
  6. Under Enter password: enter a strong password.
  7. Change the Encryption Method to AES-256
  8. Select Ok to create the encrypted archive file