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A USB Music Player with Relative Path Playlists

A USB music player with relative path playlists

Up until now it was impossible for you to use your own music player with your customized playlists on your USB drive. All the good ones required you to use absolute paths to your music meaning when you left your home computer, the playlists wouldn’t work. Well, no longer. With the latest portable version of AIMP music player, you can now take along the AIMP player AND your saved playlists using its exclusive “relative file paths” feature. That means you can store your music on your thumb-drive, along with your playlists, and they will work no matter which PC you plug it into.

  1. Download AIMP at PortableApps
  2. Install AIMP onto your USB drive
  3. Upload your music onto USB drive
  4. Click "Add items menu" Button (+)
  5. Select individual songs or folder
  6. Click "Playlist Management" button
  7. Select "Save Playlist" option
  8. Name and save playlist
  9. Uncheck "Absolute file paths" option.
  10. Click "Save"