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Finding and enjoying golden comics is exciting. Experiencing them as they were meant to be seen and read is something we aim at but often times the scanned images make the comics look tired and, well, boring. That is why this process is like discovering hidden gold. (Pun intended)

You can find an unbelievable wealth of golden era comic books at the Digital Comic Museum. Go there right now, sign up and download an issue. Now these files will normally be labeled either .cbz or .cbr. To use your usual zipper program you will need to change the file type to either .zip or .rar. Now to unzipe the .rar file type, you might need to download a more flexible zip program. If that’s the case then download my favorite: 7-zip.

In order to follow along with these procedures you will need to download the free and powerful Gimp photo editor. But you could just as easily use whatever photo editor you normally use providing it has similar built-in features.

  1. Start with Colors, Color Balance...
  2. Adjust Color Levels using the Cyan slider
  3. Finalize the best Color Balance option with OK
  4. Click on the Bucket Fill icon in the Toolbox
  5. Make sure the White swatch is chosen
  6. Choose a Threshold setting that works best
  7. Fill the faded areas with bright white
  8. Choose Filters, Enhance, and Sharpen...
  9. Select the Sharpeness value that works best
  10. Finalize your Sharpen value with OK
  11. Choose Colors, Auto, and Color Enhance
  12. Now choose Colors, Auto, and White Balance
  13. And now choose Colors, Levels...
  14. Select the appropriate values under Input Levels
  15. Finish up with OK
  16. Export File, Export As...